Sunday, 6 July 2014

Flying Saucer UFO Sighting Mexico 4th July 2014

A new video by posted by popular UFO channel jmhz71 showing an amazing object (flying saucer) passing low and right over the witnesses head. This unidentified flying object is like no other recorded as it shows its underneath changing dimension and the pattern is like nothing recorded before. What is there that man has made that can do this? What is your thoughts on this video? Remember to subscribe to his channel!!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

UFOs Replicate Satellites But Slightly Change Course! Vancouver June 30th 2014 !!

Captured with Luna Optics night vision mostly on June 30th and July 1 st. All objects recorded checked against Heavens Above, so far not identified as Satellites that is listed.UPDATE|: First 2 slow objects confirmed as Iridium flares,satellites not found on Heavens a above but from another application, Thanks ChewBird!
Watch all as there are fainter UFOs captured, the skies were very active and this is just small example what was flying around the skies, some I missed recording and some very similar to these..the last fast zooming UFO and Orb was the best!! Thanks for watching and finally clear skies!!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Hundreds Of Intelligent Moving UFOs Appears Over Astana 20th of June 2014

Witness statement: Photographed by me at night c19 on June 20, 2014 on a digital camera Sony HDR-SR11E. Original MTS file format I can send the mail (136,740,864 bytes). To pour on Youtube were converted to Aiseesoft MTS Converter.


What is your thoughts on this video from Maine USA?

Disk shaped UFO recorded in Santiago del Estero

Is this a real saucer UFO or is it a balloon or could it be computer generated?
There is no auto focus so what is your thoughts on this video?

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Video Shows You Why UFOLOGY Is Booming

Its been 67 years since the Roswell incident and now in 2014 things are heating up with the possibility of UFO ET disclosure. Long time UFO advocate John Podesta has recently been elected Obama's adviser! Already he has got Obama to be the first President to acknowledge Area51 and this is within months, Podesta stated numerous times that the people of the world have a right to know the truth and can handle the truth. This video shows a compilation of UFOs and from where it all started.

Below is a video showing new Obama adviser John Podesta at the national press club stressing the need for disclosure on all UFO related incidents that the military have locked in the most secret of departments.
Do you think it will happen fully this year? Or do you think the military will block access again?

Saucer UFOs Appear Over City Of La Paz BCS 24/May/2014

The Saturday afternoon 24th May 2014 this UFO was filmed over the City Of  La Paz.
These do look like they are hovering flying saucers and the detail is clear enough for judgement.
Tilted on their sides these discs seem to be tilted for viewing purposes! they are under intelligent flight
and do not resemble other aircraft! Whats your thoughts on this sighting?

Monday, 26 May 2014

Flying Saucer UFO Passes Tourists Over Grand Canyon AZ, USA

This video is interesting as it is at a tourist hotspot and no tourist seems aware of any UFO hoax going on near by which makes this more authentic that usual. A fast shiny metallic disc passes at speed in the background of may people and just by chance, a lottery type chance, a tourist catches it on camera. There is no other explination for this other than a flying saucer! But is it an alien flying saucer? or a human built military saucer!

Possible Alien Abduction Over Colombia As UFO Is Recorded Over Rooftops

This short video caught my attention when searching for recent activity over Colombia.
If this is in fact real! Is it an abduction caught on tape? questions will rise to do with the length of the video!

UFO Appears Over Medellin On 18th May 2014

A bright glowing UFO was recorded in the skies of Medellin Colombia, the UFO moves intelligently and swiftly around the city near the Girardot stadium. Recently on the 25th a flying saucer UFO was recorded wich was published also today.

The witness states: UFO flies near the Atanasio Girardot stadium hours before the final match between the national junior and then was national champion. Miracle making a goal in the last minute.

Flying Saucer Or Military Invention Hovering Over Colombia On 25th May 2014

New flying saucer footage recorded in the skies over Colombia! I've tested the video and there is no evidence of any manipulation in any way. This object is the perfect disc shape, not too thin yet pointed at the edges and its sitting in a motionless and static position and its not moving with any wind current. South of Mexico and Colombia are neighbors so at this time of the year there will be sightings from craft exiting Mexico.